The Primary Agreement Ffxiv

Alisaie: According to the letter, Yotsuyus` memory has not yet returned, so it seems that she lives in Doma for the rest of her life, provided that the ambassador of course means to respect the agreement. But before we get to that point, I think it would be wise to judge their condition one last time. If the Domans have missed a change in their mental state, no matter how weak, it would be better if Asahi were not the one to recognize it. Hien: Well, my friends. What we feared happened. Yotsuyu regained his memory and returned to the imperial herd. This is a cruel turn in all respects, especially for Gosetsu. But one that does not invalidate our agreement. Under the terms of the contract, we were obliged to put Yotsuyu back in the hands of the Garleans if their condition was to improve before the time of the exchange. After this settling of scores, that`s all.

If that`s not what it should be, then. What it takes. I can accept that. But what I cannot accept is Asahi`s unscrupulous efforts to achieve this result. Given his recent behavior and obvious admiration for Zenos, it is clear that he cannot be trusted. And that`s not to mention the unexplained containers he wants to bring to our meetings. Whatever the ambassador has planned, I think it is unlikely that our negotiations will end peacefully. In case of hostility, the safety of conscripts must be our first concern.

As such, I would have an escape before the meeting began. Hien: Anyway, he agreed to allow Yotsuyu to stay with us in Doma. Now our main concern is to arrest the prisoners without incident and bring our people home safely. Hien: We have no way of knowing where Tsuyu is going, so it`s better to divide our forces. I will take Kusakari and its surroundings; Alphinaud, if you take the road to Castrum Fluminis? Auric ─ excuse me, but can I ask you to ask the people of Yuzuka Manor? One of the Namazu may have seen our career. If everyone agrees, let`s skiff and hope the Kami smile at our efforts! Hien: Well, well. It looks like your broken mind is repaired. In accordance with our agreement with the Ambassador, you are free to return to the Empire with him.

But their authority as the incumbent viceroy is no longer recognized here. Maxima: Ah. Yes, as the second commander of the late ambassador, it is up to me to speak on behalf of the Empire. .. .