Regarding the “broadcasting” part of this website

As evidenced in the masthead graphic on this page, the subtitle to this website is “Broadcasting & More with Phil Giubileo”, but most (ok, all) of the posts are dedicated towards the “More” side, and not surprisingly towards the team I cover in the American Hockey League.

Now I’ve been in broadcasting for a while (Well, more than a while, but I’m at the part of my career where I am considering pulling a Benjamin Button for a couple of years. I swear that Marv Albert didn’t age in the Knicks Media Guide for half of the 1990’s), and I also enjoy writing about broadcasting and play-by-play. I could go the route of Awful Announcing for instance, but that’s hardly productive. Plus, they do a good job of ripping broadcasters already, and there’s no need to pile on. You can get that from your various Mushnick’s and Raissman’s of the world if you’d like, although neither have spent much time in a broadcast booth.

Certainly I plan on adding some of my own broadcast experiences to the mix, both inside and out of the broadcast booth. And as most broadcasters might tell you, the best stories are the ones that do not end up in print or on the Internet, but I’ll certainly share some. But if you want those stories today, I would suggest Robert Ford’s Radio Guy Diaries, which is quite insightful from both his personal and professional perspectives.

In the meantime, I am particularly focused more on the art of play-by-play broadcasting, and over the years I have had an opportunity to work with a number of younger broadcasters who are just starting out, both directly (through internships) and indirectly (through various sports broadcasting communities), and it’s something that I enjoy. I also believe that it helps me as a broadcaster because I am then required to stay focused on the fundamentals, which are paramount to the success of any young broadcaster (unless you’re the product of nepotism, because if your last name is Albert, Buck or Caray, you’ve got a decent shot at doing something in this business. BTW, I am not knocking it—I would take full advantage if I had one of those last names too).

So if you’re reading this site, don’t be surprised to start seeing some play-by-play and general sports broadcasting pieces to appear in addition to the “More” (ok, Sound Tigers/AHL/NHL Hockey) pieces referenced above—which often is peppered with examples of my broadcast work, both on audio and video, as well.

I will also be reaching out to some of my brethren in the broadcasting community, either for guest pieces or perhaps some Q&A, which for the latter I will certainly solicit advance questions from readers.

If you’re interested in writing a sports broadcasting related article, or have any interview requests (I can do my best to accommodate), please feel free to comment, or reach out to me via Twitter.