Empire Digital Distribution Agreement

If you are an independent artist or label looking for a digital distributor or partnership. EMPIRE is certainly a very attractive destination, with the potential to become very lucrative without compromising your future chances and long-term growth. Companies like EMPIRE thrive because they play an alternative role to record labels while offering a chance for growth. This is important because we live in a world where digital distribution is available to everyone. Empire was established in 2010 and has become the leading independent distributor and label of urban music in the United States. Clients include labels and artists, both development stars and veterans, hip hop, R&B, Latin, reggae, pop, rock, gospel and country. The company has provided sales, label services and promotions-forsingles and albums by artists like Anderson. Paak, XXXTENTACION, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, DRAM, Fat Joe & Remy Ma, Migos, Shaggy, Snoop Dogg and many more. Read more about: www.empi.re/ Today, there are a number of digital distribution aggregators that offer musicians without a label the ability to upload their projects from online retailers. For reduced administrative costs, sites such as TuneCore and CD Baby offer musicians the option to upload their songs to all major digital platforms.

While EMPIRE offers the same services, the company conducts its relationship with its customers from a faceless transaction to a mutual partnership. Shami quickly combined his knowledge of his time as a consultant for digital distribution company INgrooves with an extensive career history in the Silicon Valley tech landscape. The foresight of its digital distribution project has benefited from the fact that consumers have spent less money on music and more time on the internet. “I felt like most people [in the music industry] weren`t prepared for that and I could be at the forefront of a format change,” Shami says. If you enter the date and full name below, this will be displayed as a digital signature. Nima Etminan quickly signed Kendrick Lamar, the Californian hip-hop artist, to the distribution company, and starting in early 2012, Empire began marketing all of Top Dawg Entertainment`s projects, including Lamar`s Section.80. [5] Released on July 2, 2011, the album reached #113 on the Us Billboard 200 and #1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers albums. In 2018, it was announced that record producer and label director L.A.

Reid created a new Label Hitco Entertainment distributed by Empire. [12] [13] In the same year, Australian rapper and rapper Iggy Azalea announced her own label, initially called New Classic Records, which was later renamed Bad Dreams, buying the distribution of Empire. [14] [15] Empire was founded in 2010 by Ghazi Shami and has offered sales, label services and promotions for artists like Anderson Paak, Xxxtentation, Cardi B (pictured), Kendrick Lamar, Dram, Fat Joe & Remy Ma, Migos, Shaggy and Snoop Dogg. EMPIRE is a distribution company founded in 2010 by Ghazi Shami, which has become one of the most popular record labels in the music industry for musicians eager to take a new approach to content management, social media and digital development. Universal Music Group (UMG) has announced a multi-year global agreement with San Francisco-based independent music company Empire….