Drexel University Housing Agreement

All students who cancel accommodation for an unacceptable reason lose the deposit of 200 $US, regardless of the date of cancellation. All students in residence must sign a Living Accommodation and Residence (HRL) and a dining agreement to obtain a housing contract. By approving the conditions of residential and residential living, the resident agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct and Housing Guidelines, as well as any local or government regulations. The housing guidelines are applied at the same time as the code of conduct. Students and student organizations should adhere to the following guidelines and understand how the guidelines and code overlap. Guidelines can be amended based on CDC and government recommendations (e.g. B COVID-19). It is the responsibility of students to check their Drexel email to communicate regarding such policy changes. In addition to these guidelines, residents are required to comply with all the conditions set out in their signed living and dining contract, including the university`s residency requirement. Residents are expected to read and understand the agreement before signing. The agreement is updated each academic year and contains specific languages and requirements for residents of student accommodation and affiliated student organizations.

All students wishing to cancel accommodation must submit a release application form [PDF]. Use this form to request the release of your residency contract. If you have withdrawn from Drexel, obtained a cooperative position outside the territory or wish to study abroad, you must complete this form within five working days of the above-mentioned event. You must edit and save this form in Adobe. If the changes are processed in a web browser, they are not stored. Housing and Residence Life allows the organization to allocate and modify space assignments to members who have successfully applied for housing before the start of the semester session, provided that Housing and Residence Life is informed of the change before the start of the semester session. Once the semester has begun, students requesting a room change must speak with their manager and the resident director of Greek Row to authorize the room change.