Call Center Services Agreement Sample

CONSIDERING that the parties have entered into an agreement with effect from the [date of entry into force] (the “Contract”) for the provision of the Services by the Supplier (the “Services”) as defined in the Supplier; and contract preparation is one of the most important aspects of the entire outsourcing process. A client company wants to be sure that the SLA (Service Level Agreement) is arranged in accordance with the requirements and clearly defines all payment and productivity standards. The average wait time (AWT) is the average waiting time of the customer in the line before responding to it. This indicator contains only the calls received. Cases where customers hang up before responding and do not take into account the period during which they waited. CONSIDERING that the Seller operates in several business sectors through its website [SPECIFY], .com (the Website) and its toll-free telephone number [NUMBER]–, including the activity of [SPECIFY] and CONSIDERING that the Seller wishes the Provider to provide support and telemarketing services to customers and potential customers of the [SPECIFY] activity of the Seller (one customer each) and suppliers and to provide such services under the conditions set out herein agreement. There are also other important service level metrics that are used to determine the level of service in call centers. For example, the average call taking time is counted from the moment a customer is connected to a call center specialist until the operator has uploaded the data about that customer to the database after the call ends. Average Speed of Answer (ASA) is the method of measuring the average response speed of a call center specialist.

This indicator includes the waiting time of the entire customer on the line before responding to it, neglecting the time of the IVR navigation process. By accepting the call center SLA, a company authorizes after-sales service rules. All company employees who interact with customers are required to sign SLA. Whether it`s a contact center specialist, account manager, or sales assistant, everyone must recognize the SLA customer services accepted by the company and strictly adhere to established rules. It seems obvious that these rules should be followed by the competent staff and it should not even be mentioned. Nevertheless, the service level agreement is useful to put these rules even more in stone and ensure the highest possible quality of service. . . .