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A Perfect Way to Express My School Pride

Something amazing happened last night in Oakland, and it involved the New York Yankees. As an unabashed New York Mets fan (despite their current freefall I will always bleed orange and blue, and black on Friday’s), typing these words would be followed by a wave of nausea, followed by a dollop of vomit at the …


Example Play-by-Play Critique – Final Review

Broadcaster: REDACTED Broadcast Review: 1/14/15 – REDACTED Video with Audio Play-by-Play Overall – I’ve noticed considerable improvement from your first submission compared to your third, and decent improvement from your last submission when compared to this one. I believe that you’re heading in the right direction in terms of a radio call, but there were …


Example Play-by-Play Critique – First Review

Broadcaster: REDACTED Broadcast: 12/15/13 – REDACTED Video with Audio Play-by-Play Overall – Very raw as far as hockey play-by-play experience. You seemed quite unprepared for the broadcast. While you appeared to know the XXX players, it was apparent that little to no preparation was done for the YYY squad. It took me about 2 minutes …