Deitsch Tweet Makes Me Wonder – ‘Why do we work in play-by-play’?

Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch recently tweeted a link to a report on that referenced the starting average salary for a Journalism School Graduate was a shade under 41k per year. Here’s the tweet in question: Poynter's @abeaujon has an update on the ‘average’ journalism grad’s salary: — Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) January 30, 2013 It …


Broadcast demos – an inexact science

This is what many people call the “silly season” for minor league baseball announcers. Starting around October, and concluding over the next month or so, there’s the annual “broadcaster shuffle”. Basically it’s a combination of events that lead up to a decent number of job openings, both public and unadvertised. As a hockey broadcaster, my …


It’s all in the name, or is it the number—or is it both?

We’ve discussed game prep quite frequently on this blog, but one area that is a key to the success of any play-by-play announcer, especially on radio, is that they know the names of the players. There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re listening to a game on radio, and the play-by-play announcer has trouble identifying who …