Article 5 Of Wto Tbt Agreement

10.7 Where a Member has concluded an agreement with another country or countries on matters related to technical regulations, standards or conformity assessment procedures that may have a significant impact on trade, at least one Member of the Contracting Party, through the Secretariat, shall communicate to other Members the products to be covered by the Agreement and provide a brief description of the Agreement. The Members concerned shall be invited, upon request, to enter into consultations with other Members with a view to concluding similar agreements or organising their participation in such agreements. 6.3 Members are encouraged to be prepared, at the request of other members, to enter into negotiations with a view to concluding agreements on the mutual recognition of the results of each other`s conformity assessment procedures. Members may require that such agreements fulfil the criteria set out in paragraph 1 and satisfy each other as to their potential to facilitate trade in the products concerned. 3. Citizens of the parties to the dispute may not sit in a technical group of experts without the joint agreement of the parties to the dispute, unless, in exceptional cases, the body considers that the need for specialised scientific expertise cannot be met in any other way. Government officials of the parties to the dispute may not call upon a technical panel of experts. Members of technical expert panels are in their individual capacity and are not representatives of the government or representatives of any organization. Governments or organizations cannot therefore give them instructions on matters before a technical group of experts. The central government, its ministries and departments, or any body under the control of the central government with regard to the activity concerned. . One. For the purposes of this Code, the definitions set out in Annex 1 to this Agreement shall apply.

document defining the characteristics of the product or the related production procedures and methods, including the administrative provisions in force, compliance with which is compulsory. It may also contain terminology, symbols, packaging, labelling or labelling requirements, or may only be dealt with in relation to a product, process or production process. M. At the request of an interested party in the territory of a WTO Member, the standard-setting body shall without delay provide a copy of a draft standardization which it has submitted for its opinion or invite it to submit its comments. The fees charged for this service are the same, with the exception of the actual costs of delivery, for foreign and domestic parties. 15.4 No later than the end of the third year following the entry into force of the WTO Agreement and at the end of each three-year period therefor, the Committee shall review the operation and implementation of this Agreement, including the transparency rules, in order to recommend the adaptation of the rights and obligations of this Agreement in order to ensure, where necessary, mutual economic benefit and a balance between rights and obligations, without prejudice to Article 12. Taking into account, inter alia, the experience gained in the implementation of the Agreement, the Committee shall, where appropriate, submit to the Council for Trade in Goods proposals to amend the text of this Agreement. . 10.8.1 the publication of texts that are not in the language of the member; 2.11 Members shall ensure that all technical provisions adopted are published without delay or made available in such a way that interested parties of other Members are aware of them. 3.1 Members shall take the appropriate measures at their disposal to ensure that such bodies comply with the provisions of Article 2, with the exception of the notification obligation provided for in Article 2, paragraphs 9.2 and 10.1.

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