Agreement On Subsidies And Countervailing Measures Date

The content of the notifications should be specific enough to allow other members to assess the commercial impact and understand how notified grant programs work. In this context, without prejudice to the content and form of the subsidies questionnaire,[54] members ensure that their notifications contain the following information: the Agreement on Subsidies and Compensatory Measures (SCM) deals with two separate but closely related issues: multilateral disciplines governing the granting of subsidies and the application of countervailing measures to compensate for the damage caused by the subject of subsidies. Industrialised countries that cannot receive special and differentiated treatment will be granted for three years from the date the SCM Convention enters into force for them in order to put an end to prohibited subsidies. These subsidies must be communicated to the notifying member within 90 days of the WTO agreement coming into force. The authorities of an importing member may ask any government or exporter in which a company has been taken over to provide regular information useful to the performance of such a obligation and to authorize the verification of relevant data. In the event of non-compliance, the authorities of the importing member may, in accordance with this agreement, take immediate steps, in accordance with its provisions, that could constitute an immediate application of the interim measures using the best available information. In such cases, final duties may be levied in accordance with this agreement on imported products for consumption no more than 90 days prior to the application of these interim measures, except that such a retroactive assessment does not apply to imported imports prior to the breach of the undertaking. Members recognized that subsidies can play an important role in the programs of members of economic development in developing countries. The provisions of Article 6, paragraph 1, and Article 8 and Article 9 apply for a period of five years, from the date the WTO agreement came into force. No later than 180 days before the expiry of this period, the committee is reviewing the application of these provisions to decide whether their application, as amended or amended, should be extended for a further period.

Subsidy programmes set up on a member`s territory prior to the date of a WTO member`s signing of the agreement and inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement are as follows: the above procedures are not intended to prevent a member`s authorities from promptly launching an investigation and obtaining provisional or final conclusions. , either in the affirmative, or in the negative, or by the application of interim or final measures, in accordance with the relevant provisions of this agreement.