Month: November 2012


A couple or three* stories about Marty Glickman

“Report the time and score often. You must give the time AND score, because one doesn’t mean anything without the other.” That was the very first thing I learned from a legendary broadcaster named Marty Glickman, and for many of the students who studied under him during the many years he mentored students at WFUV, …


Vote Early And Often – It Nearly Applied To Me Today

So yesterday was Election Day, and hopefully everyone reading this (in the US) exercised their right, regardless of party affiliation. Those who know me well are probably somewhat familiar with my political leanings, and I count those on both sides of the aisle as friends. I am not here to start a political debate, so …


Regarding the “broadcasting” part of this website

As evidenced in the masthead graphic on this page, the subtitle to this website is “Broadcasting & More with Phil Giubileo”, but most (ok, all) of the posts are dedicated towards the “More” side, and not surprisingly towards the team I cover in the American Hockey League. Now I’ve been in broadcasting for a while …